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Shakopee City Council Votes to Overpower You


Stick with me.  This will take a bit to get to my point.


I like Applebee’s.  When I go to Applebee’s, I know they’ll have plenty of food for me to choose from.  I could get a simple burger, maybe just a salad, or a full on surf and turf sort o...[MORE]

Facebook Needs a Praying Button


I like to check Facebook.


Let me start again.  I like to check Facebook a lot.  I check it from my phone most of the time.  I’m looking for that little red number on the upper right side of the screen;...[MORE]

Payne / Engum Dominate For Championship


An average finish of 3rd place was enough to move the fishing team of Luke Payne and Nate Engum to the top of the standings after the first 3-events of the 2014 FWBass season.  Little did the field of FWBass anglers know, things were just getting started for team Payne.


Mmm… Bop! Hanson Bros Top Medicine Lake


A no-show in the first event of the year, and a disappointing Lake Waconia tournament left Nate Hanson at the bottom of the FWBass standings.  Inspired confidence, drive, and some extra hard work coupled with a little help from little brother Josh is exactly what Team Hanson needed to grind ...[MORE]