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Shakopee City Council Votes to Overpower You


Stick with me.  This will take a bit to get to my point.


I like Applebee’s.  When I go to Applebee’s, I know they’ll have plenty of food for me to choose from.  I could get a simple burger, maybe just a salad, or a full on surf and turf sort of meal.  Whatever I’m in the mood for – whatever will satisfy my grumbling stomach – is just an order away.


The staff is Applebee’s is pretty friendly.  They know I’m there for food.  They know I both want it, and I need it.  It’s good for me.  Well, maybe the calories aren’t so good, but if I’m going to survive, I need to eat.


Imagine sitting down at Applebee’s, ordering a crispy chicken oriental salad and a strawberry lemonade, waiting patiently for your food, and having a cheeseburger and Coke delivered instead of the food you were so anticipating.  “The kitchen staff said you’d like this best”, says the waitress.


“But this isn’t what I ordered.  I want to decide what I will eat.”


Smirking, she responds with “We’re in the business of food, and we’re picking this for you.  Whether you eat it or not, you still have to pay for it.”


This, my friends, is exactly what 3/5ths of the Shakopee City Council has chosen to do in regard to a community center expansion.  They have voted to make all financing decisions related to the center on your behalf.  There will be not referendum.  You get not vote; no voice.


Again, stick with me on this one; give me a little latitude.  I’m not anti-community center expansion.  I’m not even necessarily against a few extra bucks each month in taxes to pay for it.  However, I am vehemently against having the option to choose taken away from me.


One of the most powerful tools granted to citizens by the U.S. Constitution is the ability to vote.  Voting gives the general population the ability to steer government toward decisions that are best for the community.  Voting creates decisions made by the general populous vs. a chosen few.


Choosing to give up this right – opposed or not opposed – gives power to small majority.  5 decide for 40 thousand!  It establishes a framework – and a sense of council empowerment - for future splurge and spends by local government.  “Remember that time we spent $27.4 million dollars without a vote?  Let’s do that again.”


Not voting, not being heard, gives someone else power over you.  You give up the greatest weapon in your political arsenal.  By agreeing you don’t need a vote, you’re basically saying you’re going to lay down and take whatever is handed to you now, the near future, and for years to come.


I don’t care if you’re opposed to a community center expansion, or completely in favor of it.  I really don’t.  I can make a hundred arguments in either direction.  I do, however, care that so many in Shakopee are apathetically agreeing with the council that a public vote for community center funding is not needed.  Remember, you’re not agreeing to a community center expansion; you’re agreeing to give up your right to vote; your right to heard.


Be heard Shakopee!  Contact your local representatives and tell them this needs to go to a vote.  In favor of a community center expansion, or opposed, your voice needs to be heard.


No, waitress at Applebee’s, I will not pay or this food without a choice.  No, City of Shakopee, I will not allow you to take away my vote!


Tweet #shakopeevotes #rally on Twitter, or contact your representative to be heard 

City Council Contact Information:


Mayor Brad Tabke


Councilor Matt Lehman


Councilor Mike Luce


Councilor Kathi Mocol


Councilor Jay Whiting


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